15th Dec – Tannum Sands

About: This is a regular (twice per season) club event at the very special venue of Tannum Sands where we run enticer and sprint distances in Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon events. This is a great venue for first timers but is also enjoyed by the more experienced athletes.

Course Details: For course details, go to Events/Club Events/Tannum Sands.

Register online at: https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/65909152/select-race?e4p=44a9bc39-9c9b-42c5-89e5-519429954039&e4ts=1573022030&fbclid=IwAR01aGz6abgwtA9-xteBtc25-2kqqIQXjx7acPk5ARXKuu69WKXNVCzx6oo&e4q=fd8acfe7-77a6-4b2c-b429-1fd2fedaf0cc&e4c=active&e4e=snawe00000000&e4h=c39591e0154eeebb3e8235e64b600478&e4rt=Safetynet&_p=3047491493531683