Blue Cards (Junior Events)

The purpose of this page is to provide a simple explanation of working with children Blue Card requirements for volunteers (other than parents of participants) that assist at our junior events (U12 Duathlon and U15 triathlons).

Volunteers assisting at junior events are required to hold a Blue Card or Exemption Card that is linked to our organisation. Parents of children participating in the event are not required to hold a Blue Card or Exemption Card.

To assist our volunteers through this process we provide below:
1. a flowchart to help you navigate the process, and
2. links to the applicable forms.

Once you have downloaded and completed your sections, please provide the form and a copy of your ID to one of the Management Committee (Gracie Wellspring, Jo Marshall, Brett Williams or Craig McCormack), who will check the form complete the process and retain it for submission.

Note that Blue Card Services can take some time to process applications, so if you are likely to volunteer in the medium to long term, please start the process early.

If you have any further questions, please contact Craig McCormack via email at [email protected]

Link and Applicant Form

Form E

Form BC