About Frogs

Fitzroy Frogs is a friendly triathlon club based in Central Queensland that is affiliated with Triathlon Australia. We are the “Fitzroy” Frogs because like the great river, we draw our membership from far and wide.

The club originated from the Frenchville Frogs Triathlon Club, setting a new course in 2017 to become independently incorporated with focus on:

  1. Junior Development,
  2. Social Development, and
  3. Competitor Development.

Underpinning these is close attention to our development as a “Club”; where people not only participate and develop as athletes, but contribute to our shared interests. For example, we want to develop our keen juniors into future coaches and technical officials.

Being part of a club means more than attending events.

Whilst the club promotes participation over results, we do cater for a wide range of triathletes; from those that want to test themselves, to those that want to test the world.

It is exciting to be part of a club and be included in the success and enjoyment of others. We know that the Fitzroy Frogs is a special club that has lots to offer our membership and our community, and to do this we need to think and behave as a club should – inclusively, socially and with a positive mindset.

Welcome to Triathlon

Despite what you may think, triathlon accommodates a wide range of participation, so perhaps it’s time to let your inner triathlete shine. Triathletes come from various walks of life, including walkers that become runners, runners that become cyclists, cyclist that become swimmers and swimmers that become runners – you get the picture. Events vary but … Continue reading Welcome to Triathlon

Club Administration

In 2018 Frogs became an incorporated association, which combined with our Triathlon Australia affiliation means there are a few rules we need to follow. As far as the management of the club is concerned, we try to keep it relatively simple so that we can focus on events, but if you have any ideas or … Continue reading Club Administration


The Fitzroy Frogs Triathlon Club would not be possible without the many volunteers that support the club committee, events and generally make the club run! We would also like to thank our sponsors and supporters – without them we would not be able to provide high quality events in Central Queensland. The Fitzroy Frogs are … Continue reading Supporters

Junior Frogs

Fitzroy Frogs are proud to support and foster our up and coming Junior Frogs. We often will host Junior non-competitive novelty events at our monthly club events if there are enough kids interested in participating – often a fun aquathon! Some of our older Juniors also participate in our enticer distance events. We also host … Continue reading Junior Frogs