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July 28 -2021

Hello, and welcome to Frog Blogs, a means that I trust will keep you informed of club news and offer the occasional tri-tip.

We have lots to discuss this month, so let’s get straight into it.


I have had many conversations around the topic of membership in recent years and based on our inclusive nature have not been too fussed either way – whether you are a member or not, we welcome your participation. But this year there is a little more incentive to become a member.

Firstly I need to explain TA membership, which has four levels depending on the degree of insurance and race discounting you want. These levels are summarised in the image below, but my take is that:

  • If you want to support the club from the sideline, you’re SOCIAL.
  • If you want insurance cover when training and are happy to pay one-day race insurance (about $20) when doing an event, you’re BASIC.
  • If you want insurance cover when training and cheaper race entry (because your membership includes race insurance), you’re STANDARD.
  • If you are racing overseas, you’re awesome and PREMIUM.

Having said all of that – I’m not an insurance broker, so check out the details at

Costs of each TA Membership varies from $10, $110, $150 and $250 respectively for adults and significantly less for juniors. NOTE however that these prices are based on you also being a CLUB MEMBER (otherwise TA membership costs are higher, except for basic membership. For example, standard membership will cost you another $95 if not a club member).

The reason for cheaper fees when a club member is obvious, TA want you to join a club, which is a good thing for the sport and supports the local club.

Joining Fitzroy Frogs costs a flat fee of $35 regardless of TA Membership level or age. Club fees are typically used by clubs as basic revenue, but this year frogs would like to encourage your membership by providing a Club Shirt in return for your support – Yes, get excited, it’s bright, very yellow and has a frog on the front (retail value $50). Even if you only want the shirt, you can become a social member and save $5.

So more than ever, I’m encouraging you to have a closer look at TA Membership to see what best fits your needs, and in doing so you will soon be donning some awesome club wear.

Both club and TA a membership are processed through the TA Go-membership system. So if you are ready to become a member follow the membership link below. For more information you can head to the TA website via the information link.

Membership Link

Membership Information

To claim your shirt; able assistant Brett will soon set up a magic process where you can log in and place your order. Delivery will take about 8 weeks.


I know the weather is cooling off and the training is a little more difficult, but don’t stop now, the best of 2021 is yet to come.

The GKI Trail Run/Hike isn’t exactly a triathlon and you needn’t race; just take your time and enjoy the scenery and great company of others – but it’s an amazing way to spend a clear winters day and capitalise on your general fitness. 

This years event is on the 13th June beginning at 8am. There are a variety of course distances ranging from 10 to 27km. 

Anyone keen for an ocean Swim may want to be on the island Saturday afternoon when we plan to run a relaxed event of up to 5km ($10 entry on the day).

Check out “The GKI Trail Run” Facebook page or the event page on for more information.

To register for this event: Register Now.

Yeppoon Triathlon Festival is now less than three months away. 

Have you registered?

Tri-Tip: It’s always a good idea to decide early on an event and register, which will focus your attention and help you pounce out of bed for a morning session or make that extra effort seem worthwhile.

We are very excited about bringing YTF to you this year, but we need it to be well attended and supported by the community. There is a lot that goes into these events and if we are to grow YTF, it begins with 2021. Please tell your family, friends, neighbours and total strangers about YTF and get excited.

I know it sounds dramatic, but we humans are social creatures and an event with lots of people and lots of energy is something special. The committee is working hard behind the scenes to pull it together; all we ask for in return is your support. Events like this are also great for the community, participants, spectators and businesses alike. 

My personal favourite is what these events do for the confidence and self-esteem of hesitant beginners who sometimes doubt themselves all the way to the finish line; but once that medal is around their neck they’re invincible. It’s not just about this one day, it’s about what YTF gives back to the community – so please get on board. 

Saturday is all for the juniors and our all-ability (people with disability) athletes, including toddlers doing the ever popular novelty event.

Sunday it’s “game on”, with enticer, sprint and an open-road olympic distance event. Of course we encourage you to do the entire event, but if you’re the care and share type, both the sprint and olympic events have team options.

For more information on YTF21, check out

To register for YTF21: Register Now.

Chat Soon.

Craig McCormack
President, Fitzroy Frogs Triathlon Incorporated